Cowboy Mouth

“The curve of his lips was mesmerizing, and somehow familiar. I invited him to my apartment for dinner. He fixed my rickety table. We spent more and more non-scene study time together. He was diffident and took forever to kiss me.”
(from an essay going into TEEN IDOLS, edited by Elizabeth Searle)
Happy 34th anniversary to the man who took forever to kiss me. I hope we continue kissing forever.



Jesse NutrimentiVersion 2

Today JESSE will be published in Italy from Nutrimenti. The joy I feel at this thought is the same that I feel at the memory of Jesse laughing and laughing at the foot of Giordano Bruno in Camp di Fiori. I thought that Bruno was called a heretic. Jesse and I have (had?) spoken of heretics and the meaning of the word as “able to choose. Today, we choose joy. We have always chosen joy.

Oggi JESSE sarà pubblicato in Italia da Nutrimenti. La gioia che sento a questo pensiero è la stessa che sento al ricordo di Jesse che ride e ride ai piedi di Giordano Bruno a Campo de’ Fiori. Bruno era chiamato un eretico. Jesse ed io abbiamo parlato di eretici e dato a questa parola il significato di “poter scegliere” . Oggi, scegliamo la gioia. Abbiamo sempre scelto la gioia.

“I just stared uncomprehendingly at my mother, whose laughter began to ebb as she looked at me, probably wondering how she had produced this skinny, worried creature with lopsided bangs and a bad Tonette perm.”

Ma Speaks Up


Ma and the Mob


…”she stood at the stove frying eggplant, turning occasionally to place a finished one on a plate near my sister, Lindy, and me. We sat around the kitchen table like baby birds, mouths open, waiting for food.”

–Ma Speaks Up


Jesse Nutrimenti

On April 4, JESSE will be published in Italy by Nutrimenti, a prestigious publishing house based in Rome. All of this is through the generosity of Andre Dubus (House of Sand and Fog, Townie, Dirty Love) who brought my book to their attention. I am thrilled that my relatives — Zia Domenica and cousins in Sulmona can finally read my book. This September I have been invited to the Mantova Book Festival, to present the book. I am furiously studying Italian, but it is still “cattivo.” Luckily, the Italians are notoriously forgiving. During former trips they all assured me, “tu parl’ bene, signora!” even when I knew I was mangling their beautiful language. Avanti!