Ma Speaks Up: And a First-Generation Daughter Talks Back
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The stories Marianne Leone tells in Ma Speaks Up will speak to anyone who has struggled with outsider status in any form and, of course, to mothers and their blemished, cherished girls.

“By turns tender and trenchant, this is an indispensable mother-daughter story, a blisteringly honest account . . . . Written with wit and verve, Marianne Leone’s memoir brings her Ma back to full, vivid life in what becomes, in the end, a belated love poem to this enraging, engaging, passionate spitfire of a woman.”—Geraldine Brooks

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JESSEJesse: A Mother’s Story

In fiercely honest, surprisingly funny, and sometimes heartbreaking prose, Jesse’s mother, Marianne Leone, chronicles her transformation by the remarkable life and untimely death of her child. An unforgettable memoir of joy, grief, and triumph. Jesse unlocks the secret of unconditional love and speaks to all families who strive to do right by their children.

“An uplifting but never saccharine account of three brave people fighting for their humanity . . . A fine and moving book.”—Steve Oney, Los Angeles Times

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