Transfiguration: https://pummarol.com/fiction/transfiguration/

Below: A FATHER’S SOOTHING WAYS–Father’s Day piece for the Boston Globe


The wedding was a lark but the marriage has been a gift – The Boston Globe

Looking For A Lost Son, She Found Her Mother’s Voice https://www.wbur.org/cognoscenti/2018/06/15/mother-tongue-marianne-leone

A Woman of Poise, Mystery and Allure – Ovunque Siamo https://ovunquesiamoweb.com/archive/vol-2-issue-6-2/marianne-leone/

Transfiguration – Ovunque Siamo

In Motherhood, I Became a Fire-Breathing Female Monster: On Fierce Love, Disability, and Chimeras Literary Hub

Bride of Christ Ovunque Siamo

What My Immigrant Mother Would Say About President Trump WBUR Cognoscenti

Donald Trump Doesn’t Have a Clue About My Son Boston Globe

Ma’s Messages from the Afterlife Boston Globe

The Cake Tin Effect Boston Globe

Shore Friends Coastal Living

Ma Picks a Priest Post Road Magazine

The Official Story Solstice Literary Magazine

What Mother’s Day Means When You Outlive Your Child WBUR Cognoscenti

Two Stories, One Reason: https://www.wbur.org/cognoscenti/2015/03/23/two-stories-one-reason-why-an-actor-and-an-athlete-refuse-to-support-football

In Awkward Defense of Nuns  WBUR Cognoscenti

A Mother’s Grief – Without the Limits Boston Globe

Perspective: Time to hit ’Escape’ Boston Globe

Lucky and Frenchy: Dogs as Healers  The Bark

The Wife Boston Globe

For My Sister and Me, A Trip in Time Boston Globe


2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. I am a longtime resident of Kingston. My daughter is the same age as Jesse would have been. I was a school bus driver & on countless afternoons while waiting for school to be dismissed I would see Marianne & her husband there with their handicap accessible van to pick up their beloved Jesse. I was very saddened when I read of his passing. I also read with tears in my eyes A Mother’s Grief in the Globe back a few years ago. I have recently seen Maureen Hancock although not by first visit with her once again I was aghast at the messages she brought from those who have passed before us. I was not contacted directly this time but the lovely people sitting in my row were & had a son who too passed away much too young to cerebral palsy. Maureen was able to speak to this young man & passed on her memories to the lovely people beside me. When she told them he passed from Cerebral Palsy she said he is with my friends son Jesse. At that point she turned to me to ask me if I knew Jesse, Marianne or Chris. I told her although I don’t know them personally I know of them. She said please write to Marianne as she loves to hear about her son. So I must tell you how touched I was by your story in the Globe & my amazement at Maureen’s gift. I am also a big fan of your husband. May Jesse rest in peace I know how loved he was by you.


  2. Ms. Leone, I enjoyed your piece in the Boston Globe on Ma and the Afterlife. Ma’s visitations brought to mind encounters that were experienced by commuters in my novel Ghosts on the Red Line. I wish I’d read Ma and the Afterlife while I was writing Ghosts on the Red Line. I could have used the kinds of anecdotes that you tell, to help readers feel the emotional impact of the visitations on Red Line trains. Cheers, Peter David Shapiro (pdshapiro@yahoo.com).

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